Will Sponge be based on Mojang's original server?

Will sponge be based on the original server like CraftBukkit was? Or would it be completely rewritten from the ground up? If you were to base it on the original, you’d have to use Java. But if you completely rewrite it, you can use anything. However, rewriting it would be a big challenge. You’d have to write EVERYTHING, the networking, the mob AI, furnace physics, water physics, world generation, etc…
But you would be free of an legal issues.

Oh yeah…
So sponge will basically be just like craftbukkit

Not exactly, externally it should behave similarly, code-wise it is very different. It has been written from the ground up as a coremod to the forge platform which is very different from the way craftbukkit did things. There are also many changes with the API that are different from the way bukkit worked.

Well of course…
But on top it is basically the same. It’s based on the same core (original minecraft server), works with plugins in a similar way, and runs the same way (in Java)
Nothing big and exciting to see. It will just do pretty much the same things Bukkit did.

Or will it have something new?

Ok, I see your point, though it is not based on the original minecraft server it actually based on the forge implementation of it rather than basing directly on the server itself. It is a coremod for forge and not a standalone server.

Ohh I see

The biggest difference being that it’s a forge mod itself. Other than that, I suspect it’ll be responsible for the same sort of features, adding or modifying non-vanilla server-side functionality. Also hoping that, due to it’s association with Forge, it’ll offer some hooks into client/server mods as well (which I guess isn’t necessary, but could be nice, possibly).

It won’t use the same method names, or even be structures as Bukkit for the most part. If you haven’t already seen it, and was/are a Bukkit developer, here’s a thread to look at to kinda show ya how the starting of a plugin will be different.

It serves a similar function as CraftBukkit, but is being written from the ground up, if any of that helps. As far as I can tell, they’re not looking to reflect any code from CraftBukkit, but only to provide similar, and quite possibly better, functions than it.