Will SpongeForge ever go on Ore?

From what I could tell at State of Sponge, Ore is designed to work with both Sponge plugins and Forge mods. Will there ever be plans to host the SpongeForge downloads on Ore once Ore becomes more stable?

I would guess not, as SpongeForge is not a Sponge plugin. I believe that Ore will only be for Sponge plugins.

Actually Ore is designed with mods in mind not just Sponge plugins. That said I do not believe there are any plans to host SpongeForge on there. Really isn’t any point in my eyes.


Yeah basically what @Grinch said. It could be done seeing as SpongeForge does have a mcmod.info file but I also do not really much of a point since SpongeDocs are much more robust than anything Ore will provide.