Will there be the opportunity to become a supporter?

I would really love to help the sponge team, because i think you are doing a great job!

edit: Sorry, just saw a similar Thread: Forum Mods

What would a supporter do? Would you donate and get the rank?

I meant i would love to support in the forums and help solve crashreports etc.

You could do that anyway. But you’re saying you would like to be a forum moderator? Is that what you mean with supporter?

Yes. There was already a good answer at Forum Mods.

Would offering a VPS for testing help support Sponge’s progress? I own a server, running linux (ubuntu server 14.04 LTS headless cli OS) with virtual box. I run all my MC servers inside vm’s, therefore host OS, and other vm’s, are never affected by each other. My box has extremely nice hardware specs (brand new, just built it), and I could provide a decent temporary off site ‘testing ground’.

We are not accepting new staff positions for moderation or anything else at this time. If that changes, we will make a public statement. Closing topic.

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