Windows and PC are not the same!

Why do people call PC windows? PC= Personal Computer. That fits windows, mac, lunix, and other OSes.

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It’s just a cultural thing I’d guess. Most anyone who knows anything about computers is aware of that, but uses PC and Windows interchangeably because it’s common to do so. Not really any other reason. As for the history of why that is, I’ve no idea. Windows may have started before Mac. I know Mac implemented a UI into theirs about a year prior to Windows doing so.

I was reading a bit, it had some other stuff(I think it was like ICH PC) to make it so that only windows counts. Nowdays, they all pass. so y

Ah, so I suppose there is a root reason. I suppose we’re not inclined to change how we address something then. That and Microsoft probably likes their PCs being the PC, so they persist that via advertising. Particularly as I’ve seen in the Mac vs PC commercials XD

dude that reads the dictanary 24/7 Mac vs PC? OMAG WHAT TYPE OF OS DOES THE PC HAVE? i guss just mac vs mac :frowning:


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History. It all started with the IBM PC Model 1. Since then the term “PC” stuck for Intel based systems.

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Mac’s are now Intel based too (not that I like it)

Back when the IBM PC Model 1 came out Mac didn’t exist.

Because Apple products are for fashion and Linux systems are for servers? :stuck_out_tongue:
PC’s left: Microsoft Windows.

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Because people are used to calling it like that. Just like people call a strawberry a strawberry, its NOT a berry, banana’s are.

It does now.
@Engineer Lets say that mac is great at some stuff and bad with others. same with lunix. Windows isnt good or bad about anything. Its the jack of all trades(or whatever its called)
@xxmarijnw Ikr, strawberrys are SO not made out of straw.

Well Windows is a little bad at viruses.

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I wouldn’t say that. I think it’s just targeted more as it’s the most common system. If you’re a hacker, you’d likely invest your time exploiting what’s most common.

Its harder to make a mac virus then a windows virus, idk about windows.

I’d say easier because Mac hasn’t been smashed with the same amount of attacks Windows has. If hackers invested time in finding Mac exploits, I’m sure they’d find some good ones. It’s just that Windows has been exposed to it longer. Although I guess it may mean learning a different language or protocols.

As a whole, people tend to think that Mac is more virus-proof than Windows, but it’s just a misconception based on Mac being targeted less, and Mac using that as a selling point. As Mac becomes more common, they’ll likely become more vulnerable and have to patch more exploits that they had no need to patch prior.

All three should be easy to hack, according to that logic.

Not entirely sure how you came to that conclusion, if you’d care to elaborate.

As far as I’ve researched at least, it seems that with Windows being targeted more, it’s developed more defenses than Mac. Both are relatively secure now if they’re updated appropriately. Although at their base, it would appear that Windows is more secure than Macintosh. Only seems like it isn’t because Windows is more commonly targeted.

Well not easy, but not hard.
With all those people attacking windows, some mac users think that no virus can harm their computer. Attackers exploit that thought, and attack macs, same with lunix.
That is my resoning.

Well that’s a good point, but it’s not solely based on how easy it is, but rather how lucrative it is. If it was easier to fish in a pond with no fish and harder to fish in a pond where you catch a lot, then might as well fish in the harder-to-fish one.

Yeah. Anyway, how on earth did a windows != pc turn into this

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