[WIP] LightAPI - Sponge library for create invisible light

LightAPI Sponge-5.0.0

This plugin provides a library for creating invisible light sources.

It’s a recoded version of LightAPI from Bukkit platform with a universal API with separate implementations for each platform. Since this is my first experience with SpongeAPI after a long break, plugin is provided in WIP.


  • Create/Delete invisible light source.

Minecraft: 1.12.2
SpongeAPI: 7.1.0
Sponge: 1.12.2-7.1.5

Universal methods
Specific Sponge methods
(ISpongeLightHandler) LightAPI.getLightHandler().***;

Known Issues

  • There are some problems with asynchronous lighting. A temporary fix was introduced, but the performance test was not performed.
  • Sometimes, after the installation of light it disappears. (As a solution, use the coordinates of the block, not the air)
  • Sometimes, the light can not disappear. (Check your coordinates)
  • When you’ll frequently update the chunks, the server begins to lags.

Download | Source code (github)

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