[WIP] Talos - Protecting players from pirates and invaders since 400BC

Hello Sponge! I’m submitting Talos and hope you enjoy it! Here is a little bit about what it does.

First thing first, the name. Talos was in greek mythology a giant android made of bronze to protect Europa in Crete from pirates and invaders. Talos is said to have been made by Hephaestus at the request of Zeus, to protect Europa from people who would want to kidnap her. In some versions of the myth, Talos is forged by the inventor Daedalus.
Source: Talos - Wikipedia

I am starting this project to allow players to easily protect their buildings, chests and doors without interaction from online staff.

By placing signes with [Talos](this is configurable in the config) around a door, a chest og any other block listed in the config to claim it. A player can add members to each claimed block using a simple command&click interface, giving them permission to use og edit the block.

By placing redstone(this is configurable in the config) in a circle, square or any other shape they want (a full loop around the house, island, or area) and placing a sign with [Talos](this is configurable in the config) on the first line and area(this is configurable in the config) at the second line, the player can claim that area. Using the same command&click interface as with chests and doors, the user can add players to their area, or add flags (pvp etc) to their area.

I will not post my actual plugin until later.

[EDIT 29th of November]
I will not be able to finish this plugin within 22nd of December due to recent personal issues.


Looks Awesome! I can’t wait for a working release so i can try it out! Liked


That sounds quite interesting, will the blocks covered by the redstone be protected, is the redstone consumed, will you permit conditional block protections depending on block type?


I don’t understand what you mean by that, can you explain what you mean?

Yes, the blocks consumed by the redstone will be protected

I will add a option in the config to consume the redstone. In other words, it’s up to the individual server.

I assume the redstone protection circle covers the entire height, as in, a cylinder of protection?

@Necrodoom Yes, it protects blocks from y=0 to y=255

So I guess this is… The Talos Principle?

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By “conditional block protections” I mean config whitelist/blacklist, so that your plugin could, say, protect planks but not logs, or smoothstone but not cobblestone.

What is the ETA?

Uhm, I’ll add that, ease to impleplement, thank you :smile:

I’m not sure about the ETA yet, I’ll try to make it to the contest.

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