[WIP] Want to learn how to Port/Code using sponge apit List of plugins

Hello all Name is jbreadtoasted, I currently don’t have a lot going on and I would love to learn how to port/code plugins for sponge

Just some of the plugins I really would like to be ported or new plugins created in place of sed plugin.

  1. EssentialsGroupManager
  2. Possibly Essentials I know nucleus is good but EssentialsChat is OP
    Many more to add to the list at a later date I just really would love help getting into this. And don’t tell me just to read the instructions on how to code it. Yes I can read but a one on one is more informational than just some words.

Read the instructions on how to code it. :wink:

The Sponge Docs are incredibly detailed, and if you haven’t read them, you should. Granted, a one on one is certainly still helpful, but the docs are the result of many, many intelligent people coming together with the express purpose of explaining how sponge works, so they’re actually quite thorough.

Also, if you don’t know how to write Java code in general, please don’t start with Sponge, which is an advanced and complex API built on top of the already complex Java language. Instead, I’d suggest starting with a smaller, non-sponge project. Also, if you don’t know Java, read the instructions on how to code it… The Java Tutorials are written by the same company that makes the language, so they kind of know what they’re talking about.

The words are still a really good place to start :slight_smile:

i will look more into this stuff then thanks