[WIP] War v2.0 - The original PVP arena plugin for Minecraft multiplayer, reborn

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War - Minecraft PVP Arenas (TDM, CTF and more!)

War is a plugin for Minecraft multiplayer that adds PVP arenas and team deathmatch gamemodes to Minecraft servers.

What’s War 2.0?

War 2.0 is to become a complete rewrite of the powerful War plugin from scratch, to work with the Sponge server.

Follow Development on GitHub!

The public GitHub project for this code is currently available at GitHub - cmastudios/war-sponge: Minecraft-War plugin for Sponge server. I intend to integrate this repository with the original as the project approaches maturity.

Commands (currently implemented)

/zone <zone>

Teleport to the specific warzone. With no parameter, list all available warzones.
Permission: war.teleport

/zonecfg <zone> <option> <value>

Changes a particular setting for one warzone. With no parameters, lists all available warzones and properties. With one parameter, lists the zone’s current settings. With two parameters, shows the value of setting option in warzone zone. With three parameters, sets the value of the particular setting.
Permission: war.zonemaker

/setzone <name/c1/c2>

Creates a warzone with name name. Specifying name will put the player into zone creation mode, in which they will next be required to set the first corner of the zone by running /setzone c1, and then set the second corner of the zone with /setzone c2. This will then create the warzone, register it, and save blocks.
Permission: war.zonemaker

/savezone <name>

Saves a new copy of the blocks in a particular zone to disk.
Permission: war.zonemaker

/deletezone <name>

Unregisters a warzone and moves data files out of the way.
Permission: war.zonemaker

Future Plans

  • Implement the entirety of the original plugin
  • Markers around zone territory
  • Restrict movement through arenas
  • Compile for other server mods from same code base

Contributions to planning and development are welcome! Drop by https://community.tommytony.com/ and say hi!


UGH NEEED THIS! :smiley:

Looking forward to a release!

Hi, I would like to know when you finish the plugin, while, I’m looking for any good arena plugin.

The last commit was on Dec. 24, 2015. I probably wouldn’t wait around for this plugin to be finished if I were you.

Thanks for your interest. I haven’t contributed time lately due to other obligations but might contribute more in the summer, hopefully get a release out. The plugin was great and is still great on Bukkit, but I think all the developers including myself have become occupied with other challenges. And if anyone is interested in contributing, let me know.

OK understand. And is any beta version for testing?

wow i was using a war plugin in kcauldron 1.7.10 bukkit-forge,
Are you the author of both plugins? as far as i remember commands were same and i was using chestcommands to make a weapon shop and actually i used that plugin to make a counter-strike mini game :smiley:

Hi, it is compatible with the latest version of Sponge for MC 10?