[WIP] Web-API - RESTful web server for Sponge


Web-API is a RESTful API to access & manage your Sponge Minecraft server.
Default server runs on localhost port 8080. There is a Redoc documentation available at that address.


Provides endpoints with:

  • General information about the server
  • Chat history
  • Arbitrary command execution (like using the server console)
  • A list of all the worlds & detailed information about them
  • A list of all online players & detailed information about them
  • A list of all the plugins and detailed information about them

Docs / Source

Can be found on Github


Are available here


Please report them here


A couple of notes on your file handling:

  • In your main class, calling toFile on Paths defeats the purpose of Paths in the first place; Files.exists is the way one works with Paths.
  • It also defeats the purpose of the assets/pluginid naming convention to call getResource; it’s meant to be used with the Asset API (e.g. game.getAssetManager().getAsset(this, "defaults/configName").get().copyToFile(configPath.resolve(configName))

Thanks for the tips, already used the File.exists method.
I also see what you mean with the getResource, but the problem is that if I just copy the defaults file I cannot use the mergeValuesFrom method, and would have to provide default values in the getters [config.getNode(...).getString(<default>)] which means I would have default values in two places (the default file and the getters)
Is there any better way to solve this?

You can use getURL() method instead.

@pie_flavor thanks

I also simplified the permissions and added an IP white- and blacklist.