Wisdom teeth

Anyone here have their wisdom teeth removed? I need to get mine removed. Right now, the gums surrounding the right lower wisdom tooth are inflamed and causing extreme pain. If anyone has experienced it, what did you do to reduce the pain? I’m dying :c lol

I had to have all 4 of mine removed due to them becoming impacted. You can try stuff like Oragel but it didn’t work for me. Clove oil supposedly also helps but it never did crap for me either.

About the only thing I could do was pace around in circles, sleep so that the side that was hurting was not the side I was laying on, and take 3 ibuprofen at a time until I could go into the dentist. Putting something cold on it also helped as it caused the inflammation to decrease.

Thanks, I’ll try the ice. I’m maxed on ibuprofen right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like I’ve been relatively lucky in this regard, I’ve only had to have one of mine pulled so far(The others have come in for the most part.), and didn’t get a whole lot of pain from it.

Never had any issues with mine, i have all 4 of mine left!

I wish you the absolute best of luck. I would not curse my worst enemy with tooth pain. It doesn’t matter how big of a badass you are, how high your pain tolerance is; tooth pain will cut right through it all and cripple you.

I wish I had a better remedy for you. The only other thing that helped me I can’t really tell you except to say it involved baked goods and living in Oregon.


Nope, lol.

Wisdom-teeth-free. c:

…So far.

… Yay, appt. Monday to get them extracted.

Time to survive 3 more days.

I have all my wisdom teeth.