Wishes for the Sponge Implementation and API

My wishes:
(Dont unterstand me wrong at Some point these are only suggestions. You are doong an excellent job for free!)

  • @Plugin(…)
    I really enjoyed the fact you dont have to make this shitty plugin.yml like in Bukkit. However i read somewhere that thats not a permanent solution and it will be changed. PLEASE PLEASE dont change that to a kind plugin.yml.

  • implements CommandCallable/CommandExecutor
    The first one I dont understood yet :stuck_out_tongue: .
    However for the CommandExecutor i would whish to set the label of a command as easy as in the BukkitAPI (with an if-clause).

  • Future Plans/(Changes)
    A changlog would be nice. However i know how hard it is to list all changed done in realtime! But a list with future plans (additions/chages) to the SpongeAPI would be Mord then awesome.

Thanks for reading :smile: hope to get a answer.

(Of course whishes of the community can also be posted here)


  • I almost forgot about this:
    If i will ever make a server then i will let (at least first) both Non-Premium and Premium Users.
    However i noticed when i set online-mode: false the skins of the Premium Users (e.g. me) is not visible only this new disgusting “Alex”-Skin.
    PLEASE fix.
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I didn’t know they were going to change @Plugin. :(:(P:(:(:(:(:frowning:

Where is the plugin.yml File?
There isn’t one (yet)! Instead you put a line like this before your class declaration:

@Plugin(id = “PluginID”, name = “Human Friendly Name”, version=“Version Number”)

(The “yet” is making me fear)
Form this nice thread

There’s currently a discussion going on in this issue thread. However, it only seems to be about adding an additonal way of specifying metadata - not replacing the @Plugin annotation.

I really like the @Plugin annotation as well :smiley:

There’s a relatively new class called CommandSpec which makes it easy to build a command, with the arguments following some specificaiton (I think the docs haven’t been updated for it yet ).

I think the intention is for CommandCallable to be used as a low-level interface, suitable if you ned full control over the handling of a command. Most plugins will be able to use higher level facilities for bulding commands.


Oh thanks i havent heard about CommandSpec i will definetly check it out!