Wolverness Swatted

I know the DMCA take down request was stupid, but seriously? Why call the police saying he is on a killing spree and have him get swatted.

I’ve had enough of all the swatting lately…
People are going too far.

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To my extent there have been new law implementations that covers the swatting fraud. People are serving high time in jail (gaol) because of it. Just recently a 15 year old boy is serving quite a lot of time in jail because of it, but I don’t really agree with the high consequences inflicted upon those that do it. But hopefully this will get people to stop this ridiculous ‘prank’.

But I guess people are just angry at Wolverness, which is totally understandable but to do something like that, is just highly stupid.


This is old news…

THough this is older news, it is quite sad to see what the Bukkit DMCA Takedown has become.

Hope the person responsible for this swatting gets what he deserves.
It’s so immature to do such a thing only because of him claiming HIS code back with the DMCA.
Some kids are utter waste of space and air on earth.

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