WonderTrade - Trade you loved ones away!

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WonderTrade is a Pixelmon extension that allows players to trade away their loved ones to strangers in return for a random Pokemon from the WonderTrade pool. This is a complete rewrite that addresses many of the previous design issues to make for a better user (and admin) experience.


  • Both GUI menu and command support
  • Pokemon selection from both party and PC.
  • Confirmation menu prior to trading Pokemon
  • Configurable cooldown for trading (customized through permission options)
  • Entries in the pool also track both the owner and timestamp
  • Ability to view and remove Pokemon in the pool
  • The pool is persistent across restarts (saved to storage file)
  • Console logging of trade activity (will be updated to a persistent file)
  • External messages file for editing and translations


  • wondertrade.command.base: Main command to open the menu
  • wondertrade.command.trade.base: Trades a Pokemon (no confirmation!)
  • wondertrade.command.trade.other: Trades for another player (primarily for console use)
  • wondertrade.command.take.base: Takes a Pokemon from the pool
  • wondertrade.command.pool.base: Views the WonderTrade pool
  • wondertrade.command.pool.take: Ability to take Pokemon from the pool GUI
  • wondertrade.trade.no-cooldown: Bypasses the cooldown
  • wondertrade:cooldown: Permission option (meta) for cooldown time (ms)

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Any chances we can see an update for Generations 2.6.2?

i believe Simon no longer updates this particular plugin and has focused more on others.
I could be wrong though.

also doubt anyone is going to update this to support generations. do yourself a favor and switch to reforged. then it will work correctly.

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Switching mods just to use a plugin seems silly to me.

From what I can tell (correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t know anything about Pixelmon), Reforged is the “better” one of the two, either the “official” or “main” version and Generations is like a crappy fork, or at least, that’s the impression I have gotten.

And yes, he has discontinued it, however there is someone working on updating it, they’re in his Discord if you want to ask about it there :slight_smile:

Both mods have their ups and down. One mod prioritizes aesthetics over functionality, the other prioritizes functionality over aesthetics. Both mods have developers from the original mod, though Ninja has stated more of the original devs work on Generations than Reforged, but I can’t say for sure if that is true or not. Code-wise, both mods are relatively the same. There’s only so much “Pokemon” that exists for Pixelmon to add in their respective mods. Reforged, when it became public that it was being updated, came after Generations was already way ahead of them in updates.

Content-wise, both mods are pretty much the same. One mod adding in this feature before the other is really the only difference between the two. Me personally, testing both mods, I have found that things look prettier on Reforged but more code works properly on Generations. So it’s just a matter of personal preference really. My past experiences with the original mod’s developers (most if not all of the ones I’m referring to now work for Reforged) are reason enough for me to stay far away from it. But that’s water under the bridge so I won’t list any names or specifics, not to start a fight or cause drama. All in all, from a neutral viewpoint as an everyday Pixelmon player and server administrator/owner, both mods are relatively the same.

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I’d encourage anyone unsure about this go and check the changelogs for both Generations and Reforged and make a judgement from that - since that way you’ll get the truth. Only thing Ryan said that’s accurate is that the code has similarities, and that’s just because Ninja had his dev steal Reforged 6.2 and use that as a base instead of the broken version they had. Unless, of course, they had the idea of doing a new spawning system of the exact same design as mine, including the “Better Spawner” name. Unfortunately for them 6.2 is very old by Reforged standards.

Anyway, Ryan’s just necroing the thread and Simon’s said he’s not interested in maintaining this plugin so I’d advise it be locked.

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Checking the changelogs for both mod versions would only yield accurate information if you guys had dates of when the updates where posted. A few things you mentioned, though, caught my interest. You said that their version was broken up until they stole your 6.2.

When both mods first released 1.12.2 versions claiming RAM reduction, I personally tested both on fresh server worlds, with the exact same seed, with literally nothing else installed. to make the tests as fair and neutral as possible. My test results? Generations used less RAM and gave me higher FPS than Reforged did. Also, when testing both versions’ new additions, Generations’ additions worked better (this category includes: no console errors, no lag, and in-game execution from start to finish) than Reforged’s additions a good 75% of the time. So, I ask you, if Generations can have better FPS with less or no console errors and mechanics that have a greater chance of executing completely with no issue, even with their buggy textures, then who is really using the broken mod?

My reasons for being here in this thread was to grab the plugin to update and convert it, and my reasoning for replying to that fellow’s comment was to stop this drama between Reforged vs Generations people.

Which brings me to the nature of your comment, sir. Between the two mods developers, you only hear hate speech coming from one of them. The other doesn’t seem to give two sh*ts less that the other exists. Now, I’m not throwing accusations out there, but it seems to me that every time Generations is even mentioned somewhere, one of you guys just can’t resist the comment to spark up a debate such as this one. I guess you gotta get attention and advertise somehow, even if it means throwing dirt.

I seem to notice the lack of mentioning the developers portion of my comment. Can I assume, then, that Ninja does - in fact - have more of the original mod’s developers on his team? If that is the case, then isn’t each respective developer’s contribution to the code in the mod more-or-less, well, you know, their’s? By that logic, doing the math, if more original developers are working for Generations than Reforged, then…

And finally, those “past expereinces” I mentioned before were conversations between myself and what are now Reforged developers that were exactly like this one, being that the attitude of the average Reforged developer is - if I may say - quite sh*ty. The sole reason why I stay away from you people and your mod is because of the attitude you present toward the community. Every time I had an issue or even a simple harmless question (for example, I once asked “is there a way to spawn Trainers with a command?”) back in the original Pixelmon days, the feedback I (and others) received from the developers (if we even got feedback at all) was not only rude but completely unhelpful. And I see, now, that hasn’t changed over these last few years.

P.S. I’m by no means a Java expert, but I’m sure there’s gotta be a way to lock your code to prevent anyone from accessing it, like an external database that requires login info, or something like that, so that the mod will still work but the code inside of it cannot be viewed or extracted so…why haven’t you?

P.S.S If Generations really is constantly stealing your code, then it should be no problem for you guys to use your secret backdoor to shut them down like you’ve tried to do to my server in the past (and failed).

seems like a waste of time saying who stole whos code when its personal preference at the end of the day

Ninja doesn’t have any Pixelmon developers since Chase left lol

Ah, that’s a shame.