[Won't Start] SkyFactory 3 SpongeForge Crash report [HELP]

i install spongeforge on my skyfactory 3 server and this happened can someone tell me what seems to be the problem

Thank You In Advance,

You’ll either need to upgrade FoamFix to the latest version, or use SpongeBootstrap to start your server.

would i need to remove spongeforge then install spongebootstrap? or run them together

No - SpongeBootstrap is a launcher, which you run in place of the normal forge-xxx-.jar Your mods folder will sty untouched.

this is what it says “Could not find forge jar. Please make sure aforge jar exists.”

Make sure you run the bootstrap jar from your server folder, not the mods folder - e.g. place it in the same folder as your normal forge jar.

ok now it says this

“Could not find sponge jar. Please make sure asponge jar exists.”

Make sure that your sponge jar file is still in your mods folder, and has its original filename.

spongeforge allows you to add plugins to your forge server right but i don’t see a plugin folder

Can you provide a screenshot or some other representation of your server’s directly layout (just the contents of the root folder and mods folder would be fine).

Odd - that looks fine to me. I’ll have to take a look into why SpongeBootstrap wouldnt be working.

In the mean time, try upgrading FoamFix to the latest version.

there wasn’t any problems because there shouldn’t be a plugin folder u put the plugins in the mods folder and also when u do /plugins it wouldnt work because you would have to du /spong plugins