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Hello everyone, so i was wondering if there was a world border like plugin, one that im able to set a border for the world so when players try to go through it, it says you have reached the end of the world or something like that, and one that im able to fill in the chunks. What i mean by that is the plugin pre gens all the chunks inside the border, so that players arnt generating new chunks when they are exploring.

Vanilla 1.8 has world border, it is world-size in, whatever number you set is the radius of the square from the spawn point, so it will be ~2x that

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yes but i was looking for a plugin that mainly fills the chunks so the server doesnt lag when players are on because the chunks will be preloaded

I really dont appreciate you posting this here, It is very irreverent and Id rather stay on topic

It’s a joke… yeesh. It’s relevant, you’re talking about walls :slight_smile:

As of late, no plugin exists yet.

I’ve not tested out for a while, but I recall as well that you could go to the border, build a portal, then go quite a ways in the nether, build a portal back, and you’d instantly die because you were outside of the world border. If not for that, I’d be loving to use the minecraft border since its so obvious and physical that the map is contained - then perhaps just needing a chunk generating plugin to use those borders would be all we need, rather than a secondary system that is constantly checking player locations. But if minecraft is still killing folks for surfacing in the beyond-the-wall area, instead of teleporting them into a safe confines within, then agreed, we need something like WorldBorder ported in full (and there will likely still be some folks who want rectangular or round borders)

The problem is the game making nether portals outside the world border, not that people die beyond the world border.

When I last tested, the world border was 1/8th the size in the nether as the overworld, in order to make the distance scaling match up. It should be a bug that portals are valid outside the world border.

That sounds much more encouraging then since tested long ago, if the border is actually scaled in the nether as well - that was not something that I encountered. Sounds like a worthy test to help procrastinate from procrastinating about doing actual coding, off I go to try…

This was vanilla though, YMMV on forge or sponge.

Yeah, i dont know if its a minimum size thing or what, but I just tested now with a 256 border, slapped up a nether portal close to the one corner, and came out in the nether right in the very corner of the border there, but, the nether border is also 512 long (+/- 256 border width) in the spongeforge… It didn’t actually put me near a gate, instead i was floating in black space, logged out, logged back in, and it was visible nether… but no portal

Went to the opposite end of the border along an edge, made a portal in that corner, hopped in, instantly-died when appearing in the main world at 1992/80/1866 .
So… border constained at +/-256 to start, portal to nether, with border at 256, me at the corner border instead of approx 1/8 (or even 1/2) the distance from center… then portal back to the main world, come out at 8x the netherborder position, outside of the main world, die.

So many things wrong that time on so many levels – I shouldn’t have been right in the corner of the nether border when arriving, even if the border is set in stone where it is - i should have been back in quite a ways.

a 256 border

is a worldborder 256 blocks long, not one 512 blocks long.

Edit: My memory must be failing, I just checked on vanilla 1.9 nether border matches the overworlds. Either that or using bukkit changed things.

Edit2: testing on vanilla caused a nether portal to appear in the overworld but not beyond the world border.


14w19a “Warning” and “damage” commands added.
A red-colored warning aura is seen when within a certain distance of the world border.
The border in the Nether is now the same size as that of the Overworld.
Traveling to the Nether will now not create new portals outside the boundary.

I am wondering if when you create a border, if a player were to somehow glitch out that border it would teleport them back behind it. Let’s say the border is at 5000x if the players x coordinate is above 5000 change it to 4999 so they appear before the border. The reason I am asking is because in pixelmon they can use their Pokemon to glitch out of borders.

I just did a buttload of trials with a friend on various servers (without any mods other than mine for reporting results) and found interesting results:

Sponge has the ability to set/get worldborder data per-world differently via its worldborder api… - a mere one or two lines to modify and set those. With the bonus of being a mere two or three lines to trigger a “pregenerate all chunks outwards to the borders” — 5 lines of plugin, pretty amazing stuff.

I found though that at one point in testing, despite my physical border being at 3000 radius of 0,0, the spongeforge reported that the border size was 6 million. We found via the /worldborder set/get commands in all servers that

  1. Spongeforge, once the border was reset in command from the 6mill, matched the physical border setting in all cases and changes, and persisted server reboots.
  2. Spongevanilla and minecraft vanilla were problem free for their values of the worldborder, and it picked up the right value set in the originally and reported the changes as it was reset, while the physical border repositioned where it should.
  3. FORGE is where it goes south. In some cases, despite a physical border at a given location, it reported the border as 6million. Additionally (in this case, border was at +/-3000 = 6000 diameter setting), the border could be set to smaller values and it would reposition the border, but could not be set any larger than the initial border setting it loaded with. 9000, 12000 - the physical border remained at the +/-3 3000 mark, BUT the /worldborder get command also reported it was 9000 or 12000 anyways.

Regarding the outside-the-border spawning: This is where it got weird:

Test done> Place obsidian portal near the border of main world, test player enters to nether, moves 100-150 blocks ‘outwards’ direction, builds portal, reenters to the main world - by portal properties, the corresponding overworld point would be about 800-1000 blocks beyond the borderline.

For spongeforge, its as described before - in creative mode, the player is able to exit the portal way beyond the border, and work his way back to the border, whereas if he is in survival mode, he instantly instantly dies of suffocation regardless of health level, as soon as he appears to appear in the portal (at the outside coordinates)

The same thing happens in pure Forge

For the Vanilla minecraft server, and Spongevanilla: The player is immediately redirected back to the portal inside the border he used, regardless of op/creative/survival mode. Destroy the portal after he enters the nether, and the game creates a new portal on his return, at a nearby location but within the border walls. If he moves around and outwards in the nether, even thousands of blocks away, it will automatically create a portal within the boundary walls on the closest location to him and bring him safely inside the border. If he teleports to the fully opposite axis (ie, cross to nether near the north border wall, then teleport to the south of the map, way way far out in the nether, then build a portal to return, he returns to the world within a short distance of the south border wall.


The Vanilla SERVER and spongevanilla server behavior is such that no one can spawn outside the borders when returning from a netherportal, but this behavior is different in FORGE and subsequently, spongeforge.
If FORGE can reproduce the Vanilla minecraft server behavior, then spongeforge should behave correctly, and we need not worry about getting outside of the border.
Other mechanisms for getting outside of the border include teleporting commands and enderpearls, and there are settings and if needed, many many plugins that are likely able to intercept teleportation to outside of the border and deny it if you are not a bypassable-player.

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I filed the bug report in the Forge github last week but sadly it hasn’t even been marked or commented on in any way yet and is being ignored still.

Just because it hasn’t been recognized doesn’t mean it’s being ignored. Remember, the entire Forge project is lead by volunteers who have lives too. If you wish to do something about it, make a PR and actually help to fix the problem. Don’t assume they are ignoring you because chances are they aren’t.