World Corruption and server crashes

So I’ve had a Direwolf20 2.6.0 1.12.2 minecraft waterfall server for a while now and actually ever since I’ve had this server it has issues.
There issues where most of the times server lockups (lockups are mostly fixed now) or crashes.
At most Times I had to dive inside the world using mcedit and remove corrupted chunks.
Removing these corrupted chunks worked for a while but not any more.
I’ve reached a dead end so I hope the issue is Sponge related and someone can help me with it because I’ve no clue how to fix this.

Link to crash report:
Link to logs:
Forge Version: 1.12.2-
Sponge Version: 1.12.2-2838-7.2.1
I removed astral sorcery because it created an broken pipe after some time (no clue why)

After putting in backup:
New Log:
New crash report:

Hi, there was a OpenComputers that would corrupt chunks, cannnot remember what version they fixed that issue.

There are no mod incompatibilities that note corruption of chunks, so not sure whats causing it. But I can tell you a few issues of note because your server isn’t starting without errors (even before the corrupt world error).

[17:03:55] [Server thread/WARN] [FML]: The declared version check handler method checkModLists on network mod id enderio is not accessible

NoSuchMethodException is typically caused by an incompatibility between versions. You have a few of them, all related to enderIO, check the versions

EnderIO is always throwing these… It’s actually not an issue even if it’s annoying AF

Ah good to know.

I put back a backup world and after some editing with mc edit (to remove corrupted chunks) and after joining it started relocating chunks.
New Log:
New crash report: