World regeneration?

Hi, I would like to ask if Sponge has a function to regenerate a world?

If you get the World’s seed, you should be able to create a replica with that.

But isn’t there a function to regenerate the world without creating a duplica and with a random seed?

There is an open issue for this

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Doing this with seeds works fine, but it’s hard if you use a map generated with an earlier MC version.

I recommend to use TerrainControl. We use it for our CraftBukkit server, but there’s a Forge mod as well, so it should work with Sponge.

But the idea is to have a farm world which automatically regenerates once a week with a random seed. I’m currently porting the core plugin from our server from bukkit to sponge, the schedule mecanism is already implemented, but the regeneration itself not :confused:

There is a mod, WorldEdit for Forge, has //regen command. And having WE installed server side does not require client side modding.

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Yaaaah, I know what WE is… What do you intend to tell me? ^^

lol, I misread your reply, TerrainControl has a forge mod. Sorry