World Save Lag

I have 3x SSDs in soft RAID with tests showing ~241mb/s write speed.
Whenever I load new chunks and then save my modded world, it lags the server greatly.

  • I loaded ~30 new chunks and did /save-all
  • Server freezes and disconnects players
  • Disk monitor shows the server writing 70+ mb to disk at 3mb/s
  • Can’t join server until server’s written about 60mb to disk
  • Players can join again
  • Keep writing to disk until 70 something mb
    Notes: This happens even with 1 player, and even when I remove every plugin and turn on struc saving.

I don’t think it’s normal to write at 3mb/s but I have no idea how to diagnose that

Timings report after save: Aikar's Timings Viewer

Update: Backing and Restoring backups are really fast. Seems to be something restricting world save write speeds

I’ve noticed at a certain point my worlds saves become to long (this is my second world), and we disable auto save.
People get disconnected.

My world is bordered, I have an OC 6700-k Intel Processor and 64GB DDR4 RAM on a 256GB SSD.

I just risk no world saving :confused:

Yeah same. Are you also using Multicraft and is your world save write speed capping at 3mb?