World Size Ideas For Modded Server


Hi guys, I am currently in the process of setting up a modded server with mods such as Pixelmon, Tinker’s Construct, Pam’s harvest craft, thermal dynamics, natura, journeymap ect… So a world border would be required to limit lag. I do not have any experience regarding world sizes, so this is all new to me… I would like a world that is small enough to not cause excessive lag, but large enough to avoid build crowding. We expect to eventually have around 10 people online at a time, so space has to be allowed for additional people to build later on. Thanks for the help! \o/


While I haven’t run a survival server with more than 3-4 players online at a time, I don’t think a world border would be necessary to prevent lag. Minecraft doesn’t load the entire world at the same time. It only loads the parts of the world near players. A world border mainly serves to limit the amount of disk space your world takes up.

The only possible source of lag that could be fixed by a world border is world generation. However, it should only happen when players are exploring new areas, and shouldn’t be noticeable in many cases. If you are concerned about that, you can look into pregenerating your world, but I would recommend you try out the server first to see whether you want to.


I recently got around to running a medium-size pack (FTB Revelation) and worldgen actually is extremely noticeable. So yes, pregeneration is actually a good idea.