Worldedit alternative?

i tested the sponge version of the worldedit mod/plugin and it seems like that it doesn’t work with mods (pixelmon reforged 1.12.2). the normal forge version works with mods and vanilla blocks but then i can’t do /biome commands and with the sponge version i can do that…

but I want in one mod/plugin that it works both.
so i need an alternative. (i think). instead of switching over and over again…

is there an alternative?

greeting Chazzie

I can’t account for your experience, as worldedit-sponge-6.1.9-SNAPSHOT has been working fine for me on a 1.12.2 spongeforge modded server in recent testing, I was pasting Stargates. What versions of things are you using?

I use the same version as you for world edit. And i’m using 1.12.2 pixelmon reforged. Wich blocks i try to set with the command //set

And the biome commands doesnt work for me with the forge version


I tried already that version. But the mod pixelmon doesnt work with that

Talk to the developer