WorldEdit for SpongeAPI


Does the //brush command for WE not work in version 1.10.2? We recieve an unknown command error in game.


Version 6.1.5 latest at now.


Also, the range for world edit is very low. Is there a reason for that? When placing or destroying blocks its range is fine but when using /brush or the masking tool, it has the range of the minecraft sword to say the least.


Well, I always brush with a range of 16 chunks without any trouble.


Strange, I wonder why it has no range for me


worldedit-forge-mc1.11-6.1.5-SNAPSHOT-dist.jar Build #3647


It mentions the “server watchdog” in there. The watchdog will stop the server if the server takes too long to do something. Were you doing a large WorldEdit change when it crashed?


Yes, I’m making a big change.
//schematic load
He did not put a single block.


Then that would be why. You can turn off the watchdog by increasing max-tick-time (measured in milliseconds, or thousandths of a seconds) in



On API5 1.10.x he coped with this task.


If you’re using WorldEdit for Forge (it looks like you are), you can also try adding FastAsyncWorldEdit. Note that it does require WorldEdit itself to be installed.


max-tick-time=120000 Inserted the schema. But in the console there were many errors. Thank you!


For now, please use this build with 1.11


Superficially tested, working.



Good day,

I was looking to try this out, but have a question. In the changelog for worldedit-sponge it mentions implementing Sponge API 5 changes, but shouldn’t that have to be API 6 if it is being built on the 1.11 version?
Just curious if it’s safe to assume that if it is implementing 1.11 that it is also matches the API (6.0)? I may not have any clue what I am talking about. Apologies.


i tried the download link for 1.10 but the server crashes every time i have tried, does it not work for spongeAPI 5.0.0?


worldedit-sponge-mc1.11-6.1.5-SNAPSHOT-dist.jar (#3629)

Edit: #3663 it seems to work
Edit2: #3663


Using the latest release and trying to post a schematic, I get an error however the schematic pastes in with the exception of a few blocks here and there…


1.11 now has an API 6 snapshot.

Sponge /Wordedit question

Using latest dev builds of SpongeVanilla and WorldEdit. Worldedit not loading. Tried a couple combinations of slightly earlier builds to same thing.