WorldGuard like protection for important regions only?

So my server is going to be a SpongeForge server with a lot of mods, and I need a plugin like WorldGuard that is ONLY for important regions like spawn and other “spawn like” outposts, so that they can absolutely be safe and protected no matter what, however players will have to defend themselves with what the mods offer, like Turrets and Forcefields, etc. I really only need something simple like WorldGuard, and not something too advanced. I don’t mind thing being advanced, I learn quickly, however I have no need for it. I used RedProtect before, but I have no need for something so, well, feature-rich. Thanks in advance.

I would recommend using Grief Prevention, using the claim flags you can easily allow/disallow pretty much anything.

Alright, thanks, will definitely try that :slight_smile:

GriefPrevention seems kind of bad really, even though I clearly denied entity-spawning in my spawn region, mobs and players can spawn creepers and other mobs at spawn, same issue with item-dropping (people can do that, but not pick up items) and several other things like placing water buckets, even though it is denied, really bad plugin imo.

GP is a great plugin which is used by a lot of people. I’m 100% sure you haven’t configured it correctly (no offense). Read the documentation and I think there is a Discord server.

No offense taken, though I have used countless of world protection plugins, and never have I seen that the flags I applied don’t work at all, or at least some of them, and that on any other plugin other than GriefPrevention.

I had issues with mob spawning too, but it was because I was using the permission griefprevention.* - Using any kind of wildcard permission tends to break a lot of things, I’d check to make sure you’re not using one.

I also never use wildcard permissions, here my permission setup: