Hello, i tried to find but i couldn’t find any plugin for “worldguard” is there any plugin as advanced as worldguard for sponge? I need a guard plugin that i can set “people can not die in this area”, “this player rank can not build in this area, world” etc.

Although WorldGuard has not been ported to Sponge, there are several protection plugins that can do what you need. It depends on what you need to do, and how you want to go about doing it. Try these:

FoxGuard lets you make handlers with sets of rules and attach them to regions in the world, with varying priorities and permissions possibilities. It’s a different take on things, but it works.

UniverseGuard is another plugin that allows build protection and in-depth control of player actions.

GriefPrevention has self-serve protection for users along with town and admin regions, with complex sets of flags that can be set to allow or disallow just about anything.

There are probably several others I missed, and a few more I know are as-yet unreleased. See how you go.

I tried to install FoxGuard but it crashed my server on start up few times so i had to delete it. I’m using MC 1.12.2 and Sponge BETA-2931. I have one more question, is it possible to separate dimensions to other servers with player data, chat and everything to keep TPS high?

Thanks for your answer @Inscrutable.

Have you installed even foxcore? With out it, it will not work

Oh, right. Imma try it now, thanks!


That might be possible, although a tad unusual. You’d have to use BungeeCord (or an equivalent like Waterfall). However, I’ve no idea how you’d set that up.