WorldProjects Lobby Help?

Hi everyone,

Just quickly, sorry if this is in the wrong place, I’m not too sure exactly where to put this (I’m bad with finding things).

I’m currently making a Pixelmon server for a small community, I’ve hosted multiple servers before, but never an in-depth SpongeForge server with plugins. Currently I want to set up a ProjectWorlds lobby, that players will spawn in the first time they join the server (with no Pixelmon spawns and in adventure mode), where they will then be able to use a few portals to get to a variety of biomes to begin their Pixelmon adventure!

I just need help in setting up this lobby/hub with ProjectWorlds. I want to have new players spawn in this lobby/hub world, where they can then take portals to the main world and also be able to return to the lobby with /spawn, /hub, /lobby, etc. Is anybody able to tell me how I would go about setting this up? I do just want to say, I am having a little trouble with finding and understanding more in-depth setup because I have ADHD, but if anyone has a more in-depth explanation of the setup, I would greatly appreciate it as I have not been able to find one as of yet.