WorldRebuilder - Rebuilds destroyed blocks in predefined regions after specified time

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WorldRebuilder is protection-like plugin for SpongeForge.

WorldRebuilder allows you to mark and create regions in the world which will be rebuilt after being destroyed.
That means, if anyone destroy something in such region by using a pickaxe, tnt, grenade or anything… all destroyed blocks will be restored in few seconds or minutes (depends on how you configure it).

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Use Cases

This plugin is useful in situations when you want to let players destroy terrain yet preserve your beautiful buildings.

For example, you are making a WWII style RPG map with guns and vehicles and you would like to let players destroy bunkers and other building but you also don’t want to lose your epic creations that you prepared in that map. In such situation you can use this plugin, mark regions which should be rebuilt and allow players destroy blocks.





Creation of this plugin is really a time consuming task. If you would like to support me then you can star this repo or send me some cookies through PayPal.

A new version has been released for WorldRebuilder, it is available for download here.

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A new version has been released for WorldRebuilder, it is available for download here.

Release Notes:


  • Drop blocks property has been added to the region. When set to false, destroyed blocks inside regions will not be dropped. You can use /wr region dropblocks <true|false> command to edit this property.


  • Rebuilding item frames & armor stands.

If you find any bugs/problems, please post them at Github. :slight_smile:

Thanks for using WorldRebuilder!