Would need a tarkov plugin as close to the game-play as possible

Hello, I’m a Manager on a modded network and wanted to see if there is any freelancers here that can develop a sponge plugin for me? I will pay for your services just get in contact with me if your interested.

1.12.2 spongeforge
My discord is Ahhyourbad#2797
Closed source
$300 usd

It’s pretty much going to be just like the gameplay. Extraction points, spawn points, loot spawn, Time limit, waiting rooms, if player is in said area after the time they die and loose all items on them. If they get out they keep all there items.Players can bring what ever they need in to the raid.
Needs to be automatic game and be customize-able gui preferred. If a player leaves they still can get back in to the raid. No commands can be used in the raid area. Raid areas need to be marked like point a and point b and that is the area for the raid. If you want to know more of what I expect just look up how to play Escape from Tarkov videos.