Wow! Just wow!

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I didn’t want to go into off-topic in the original thread with this reply.

I am amazed by the level of rudeness and offensiveness in your reply just because my opinion is different than yours.

You will have to excuse me if I do not laugh at your joke. You should take into consideration the effect of your words on the other party before you make them public. Calling me an idiot and justifying it by saying it is a text-formatting-joke probably is funny for you, but I do not accept that as a joke.

I have no problems at all using Discourse and, since you haven’t realized that so far, I am trying to point out the problems that a common community member might face. I am making all my remarks while being “customer oriented”. If all you care about is your own preference, and if the “blithering idiots” that do not share your opinion should simply shut up or go away, and if many others have this attitude, there is very little community in this community.

In all my remarks I was trying to point out the shortsightedness by many people around here. When you make decisions, try to think really about majority of this community, not only about yourself.

Who knows, maybe, once the project owners/leaders find some time to work on the community as well, not only on the coding, this place might change a little and become something different for the “common community member” and others.
Until then I don’t feel that it deserves any contribution from my side, even while it is only constructive feedback.

Just report the post.

EDIT: Appears to be demonstration. Look at the edit.

Yeah right. A demonstration. Well chosen words for the demonstration…

I must admit it is very rude, even if it is ment as a joke.
You could easily use other examples to show what you could do with the formatting options.

The existence of markdown isn’t an opinion.

I’ll try to be less blunt as people here don’t seem to understand any frivolity.

Your post did appear to be rude. Please refrain from behavior like that in the future.

@abraxasDMG, please don’t make a separate thread to highlight an issue. Just report it. I didn’t have time to go through the forums today until now and ran across this topic. But I did keep it open watching for reports all day long. I would have been able to deal with any issues that arose if there were any and they were reported. So do that in the future.

This post doesn’t serve to do anything but stir the kettle. I’m closing it.