wReport - Advanced report system (player report, bug report, vote kick)

Hello guys, I’m developing a report plugin, I started the development in 2015, but abandoned the project, now I’m updating it to API 7.

The plugins aims to provide:

  • Way to report, review reports, close and take actions.
  • History about events occurred during report, reporter, reported players, involved players and history of actions take to solve the problem, in other words, who closed the report and what have done to solve it (such as ban, kick, warning).
  • Provide a GUI to use every feature of wReport without using commands.
  • Votekick to kick hacking players (who started votekick and who was kicked will be saved in history)
  • Configuration entry to hide players name (to avoid problem with adms that does not like some players for irrelevant resaons). A permission may be given to adms that can see players names and history.
  • …and other features that I don’t remember…

Currently I’m updating the plugin, but I want to know what ideas do you guys have to me to add to plugin, the plugin is open source released at Github, but I’m not accepting PRs until I finish the update and refactor.