Xray Protection

Looking for a plugin that can either notify staff of a user xraying or obfuscating the blocks like orebfuscator does.


My experience:
Every now and then (especially on new players) go in spectator mode (/gamemode 3) and spectate a mining player for a minute.
That’s the most resource efficient and most effective way! And there won’t be any excuses like: “I just got very lucky, really!”

We do that already but it’s difficult to track a large amount of people and you can catch the people who do it when staff are not online by seeing their record.

I have a plugin like that on hold, but I still need some more stuff to be added to the API.

Why not blacklist the mod, simply? Using ModControl, that is what I am doing to disable gameshark in my Pixelmon server.

You do realize that blacklisting a mod that is typically part of nefarious clients is an extremely laughable solution, right?

I do know that, but really, isn’t it a step in the right direction? Notifying staff everytime that a player uses them would result in a huge amount of information that could potentially run unprocessed (eg staff is simply not online).
Edit: At the end of the day, there is always ways to circumvent a preventive method like that one.

Thats like adding the question “Do you have intentions to commit acts of terrorism?” at a border crossing, knowing that ‘some people will find ways around it’, but gosh darn it, we’ll catch a bunch of 'em at least!

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Wow, what a way to blow out of proportions the topic.

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