Your wakeup call


It’s fine, just don’t complain so much about sponge going down a separate path because you prefer the api better.

constructive criticism is fine but you’re having a full on rank about the platform which caters perfectly to most of us here, not catering to your needs despite their being an alternative that is directly focused on said needs. Fact is, if sponge swapped to full focus on vanilla and forsake forge, the project would be a lot worse off. without securing that key market, a lot of devs would no be here developing plugins for their modded servers and releasing them.

there is a point where you are displaying discontent and being ungrateful for what has been given to you and expect as if it is deserved. You could help in the project, you know java and i know you make money from commissions so you’re no stranger to programming. you say you don’t understand the structure and for ore you don’t understand the languages, but as a programmer that’s really no excuse. if i feel something it worth my time i will go through the effort to doing it, learning in the process. You may call me hypocritical for not contributing to sponge but i’m not the one complaining about them being too slow for my niche needs.

Perhaps as the project grows people will realize how much better it is here, and we will hit critical mass,
and suddenly theres enough people to maintain a solid forge and vanilla version concurrently. Either way, i think the way the devs have gone and playing into the apis strength is quite a good move.