1.16.5 Server crash while open a chest

I’m new here and not a native English speaker, so I’m sorry if some words here cause you some inconvenience to read.

My friend hosts a 1.16.5 server and everything just fine but the server got a crash when players attempted to open a chest. He and I spent lots of time on it but in vain. So I would appreciate it if someone can fix the problem!

The crash report:---- Minecraft Crash Report ----// Hi. I'm Minecraft, and I'm a crashaholic. - Pastebin.com

And please let me know if I haven’t uploaded other necessary things.

Are you even using SpongeForge? It doesn’t seem so.
It looks like the crash is caused by mixins, which are used by a lot of other mods too. Mixins are a tool made under the SpongePowered org, and we have no control how others use it. You’ll need to figure out which of the mods you use are incompatible.

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It seems that you were right, sorry for the bothering😥
I should double check it before I post

There is a tool that might help you figure it out: Mixin Detector Program