Mixin Detector Program

Hey everyone. There have been many reports of “Sponge is crashing my server yet Sponge is not installed” that have been the cause of org.sponge.common.mixins or org.spongepowered.mixins and the crash log doesn’t give a clear indication of what mod has the mixins that crashed the server.

So I have developed a small program that is designed to help filter down the mods list to those that have mixins.


Mixin detector only requires Java 8 or newer. If you have been running a server on your own computer, you likely already have this requirement

I plan on adding a filter where you post the crash log into it and the program will filter down to the mods that relate to the crash report, but in the mean time, this program can save you looking at 100+ mods to something like 10.

Mixins are not a bad thing. They are infact a powerful tool designed to help developers gain access to things Minecraft hides. However they are a common cause of error typically due to one of the following:

  1. Developer didn’t read the documentation
  2. User installed the mod/plugin on a server it was never designed to → making the mixins target something that isn’t there
  3. Another mod takes control of the mixin’s target and doesn’t let go (compatibility issue with another mod)

0.0.4 was released.

  • New UI
  • Added the ability to filter by crashlog
  • Windows installer edition