5 Facts About You

We are basically five (Bukkit, Forge, Spout, Cauldron & Spigot) communities being brought together, and what better way to get to know each other by posting 5 (interesting?) facts about yourself?

I’ll start!

• I am addicted to Eminem;
• I have my own plug.dj channel;
• I’ve been playing MC since 2010;
• I enjoy playing Basketball;
• I am friends with Chiss, the owner of Mineplex.

Checkout my plug.dj channel at plug.dj/tomplug

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You forgot cauldron, FORGE (#2 most important here, because Sponge is based on it), Spout…


What else would one need (sleep is for the weak)

EDIT: don’t for get about spout. Poor @Dockter

Added Spout & Forge. :wink:

What about Cauldron? The Cauldron lead dev is also the lead dev here… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gawd, I really should have made this thread when I was awake. facepalm. Added cauldron.

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I love Monstercat
I love Animation
I love Sound and all forms of it
I love Graphic Design
I love Survival

  • I’ve Started learning java (folowing classes on internet)
  • I’ve Started My First Server, The same Week i started playing Mc
  • My history with videogame IS OVER 9000 !
  • i Want to have work related to new tech ! (not in apple store )
  • I actualy Sacrified already 3 holidays for minecraft ^^ ( so : int timeworkingonmc = 30 * 3 )
  • That’ All = )
    Edit : Just wanted to say if someone want to help me a bit with Java will be great !

Guess I could do this as well.

  • I’m ridiculously addicted to Minecraft
  • I used to program daily (web-languages)
  • I’m a Youtuber, and enjoy making videos for entertainment purposes
  • I’m currently building a 1.8 server (patiently waiting for a bukkit substitute to be finished) :slight_smile:
  • I love animals more than humans.
    That’s about all =)

Has a disability.
Has a learners permanent.
Has held a Job for 5 years.
Stated playing minecraft late 2011.
Wishes he was somewhere Else.

  • Plays Guitar for over 10 years.
  • Wants to become a SysAdmin.
  • Is from a special kind :smile:.
  • Loves to draw
  • Has to many ideas :stuck_out_tongue:.
  1. I do vocal covers as a hobby.
  2. I’ve been programming for years but am too lazy to actually do anything with it.
  3. Every time I start a server, it never takes off.
  4. I learned almost everything I know about technology by myself.
  5. I started playing Minecraft in Alpha 1.2.6.
  • First programming language I knew was Easy-C for vex robotics.
  • I love Dr. Who, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, and alot of other shows. (I could go on for hours)
  • My first and favorite anime is Attack on Titan.
  • I plan to major in computer science and economics.
  • I speak German aswell as English
  • Started playing MC at some point just after alpha
  • Code all the things!
  • Bicycle master race
  • Will be majoring in Comp Sci
  • I spend a lot of time hanging out online
  • I started programming this year, and I prefer Forge to the Bukkit I did
  • I tried to start a server, and did a lot of work, but never started it and it is now for testing mods
  • I’m now server staff on the server Destructioncraft
  • I want to build a PC super bad because I’m sick of my Mac
  • I play baseball and won gold in a USA national tournament this summer
  • A 6th just for fun; I want to become really good at programming and work on things like Minecraft & other games
  • I wrote my first line of code in HTML, 15 years ago. I typed out my
    first C++ program a few hours later.
  • I originally learned CSS to style my shop on Neopets.
  • When my Web Design 2 teacher in high school transferred to a different school, my friends and I stepped up to the plate and taught the class for the whole semester.
  • I honestly I thought I was too cool for Minecraft until October of 2012. I was addicted in 15 minutes.
  • The first and only time I’ve ever broken a bone, was totaling a Hyundai with my face on 1/14/13.
  • i choose to what to listen wisely
  • Crack all my game beside Minecraft ( blame the country )
  • i enyoy killing poeple like realy ( in video game ofc )
  • I hate losing
  • Would like to start C and stuff but do’nt have enough time to .

From my profile:
42 is the answer.
Java developer like a baws.
Minecraft Server Owner.
Making a video game.
Needs mental help.