A common API for Regions/Cuboids/Lands

Hi group,

I just want to ask if there is a request to make a common API for region cuboid systems like GriefPrevention, WorldGuard, Factions, Factoid (me), etc.

For now, Bukkit Flags exist but the goal of this plugin is not exacly the same. What I talk about, it is a API like vault for getting Cuboids information and sending raw data (Name, Size, isLocation inside, owner, Cuboid, etc.). Plugins can take information directly from the API.

The goal is to prevent plugin developers to include every «Region» plugins and for server owners to be slave of one specific plugin.

Note: I started a project more than one year ago called CuboidConnect, but I abandoned this project because «Flags» project exist and to concentrate to an other plugin.


Pretty much persistent meta-data for blocks.
You could do a lot more with persistent meta-data than you could do with pre-defined methods.

I don’t know how I can use persistent meta-data for this problem. Do you have an example?

Or, if it is API, what it is the best between an API to embedded into plugins, or an API in an external plugin?

Something like block.setData("owner", "Tabinol") and block.getData("owner") -> "Tabinol"
It just has to be persistent.

Yes but if I had a region for example like 100x256x100, it is 2,560,000 blocks to change the meta-data. It is not too much blocks update?

Yeah, block metadata would be hell on every system resource. Eats RAM, eats disk space, eats CPU.
I think a Vault of protection plugins would be pretty nifty.

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Yeah, it’s not a good solution. But maybe there’s something else.

The Foundation project will include features like this. It will allow Cuboid, Polygon etc. selection, with the ability to manipulate every block, including it’s (attached) (meta) data.

Is it a selection like WordEdit? It should not be implemented directly to Sponge, or I did not understand?

Foundation is a plugin we’re working on, which offers a set of APIs. Selection and manipulation APIs will be included.

@Exstar I feel like you are going through the threads and taking peoples useful ideas and saying the “Foundation” plugin will include this…

@Orc Actually, that is not the case. There were some requests about specific features we were planning to include. Is there something wrong when you’d like to let someone know about something?

I think the message of Exstar is pertinent.

But, the re-explain the idea. It is to make a common API like vault for region/protection plugins like WorldGuard, Factoid, GreifPrevention, etc.

For example, a plugin need to ask the region the player is in. This information is returned from the common API. The plugin maker does not have to take care what region plugin the server is using.

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