Aaron1011: Affordable, reliable plugins


I’m a SpongePowered core developer and plugin developer. I joined the Sponge project shortly after it started, and have been a part of it since.

Public Experience

My GitHub profile is available at github.com/Aaron1011

The majority of my work has been on the Sponge project itself.

On the API side, I wrote the Scoreboard API, the Economy API, and added support for server-side skin changing (via SkinData).

On the implementation side, I’ve been heavily involved in fixing issues, from mod incompatibilities to event firing bugs.

My experience as a Sponge developer allows me to quickly identify and fix Sponge bugs that may come up in the course of the plugin. If part of the functionality that your plugin requires isn’t yet possible through the Sponge API, I may be able to implement it by bypassing the API (using NMS).

Previous Commissions

I’ve made the following private plugins on commission:

  • Vaults - a configurable and flexible vaults storage plugin. It allows players to open a ‘Vault’ GUI from around the map.
  • TradeSystem - A safe, in-game trading system. This plugin allows players to trade both items and money (via the Economy API) with another untrusted player.
  • PixelScrolls - A highly configurable ‘clue’ plugin for Pixelmon servers.
  • GoGyms - Pokémon GO gym NPCS for Pixelmon servers

These plugins make extensive use of the Sponge Inventory API. I’ve implemented special features like pagination, allowing players to easily navigate through a large inventory via in-game buttons (specially-named items).


Depending on the scope of the project, I may charge an hourly rate ($20/hour) or a flat fee for the entire project - we’ll work out the details before I start.

Bugfixes are always free, including after I’ve finished the plugin. If you’d like additional features once I complete the plugin, we can discuss pricing on a case-by-case basis.


Before starting the plugin, I require a Google doc explaining the required features of the plugin. This doesn’t have to be exhaustive, but all major components of the plugin need to be listed. During the course of developing the plugin, I may ask for clarification on individual points as the need arises.

Once I’ve completed the plugin, you will receive the following:

  • The full plugin repository, containing source code and associated build scripts.
  • Rights to modify, build, and distribute the plugin as you see fit
  • A built jar of the latest version

If you mention the plugin on your server website or forums, please ensure that I’m credited as the plugin author somewhere on the site.

I accept payment via PayPal. You’ll only pay once I deliver the completed plugin.

You can add me on discord at Aaron1011#7024. If you’d prefer to use something other than discord, please send me a private message on the forums, and we can work something out.

This post is strictly for advertising purposes. Discussion of specific commissions, or other paid development work is prohibited. Furthermore, commissions are not to be discussed on the forum outside of this category.


+vouch for Aaron. Really good developer to work with; very quick to get issues resolved and seems to have a fantastic handle on dependencies. Glad to have had the Placeholder addition made finally for my network to progress further now in a more faster pace. Appreciate the help and will be commissioning you again soon.

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+vouch for Aaron. Extremely diligent developer. He coded us a very robust, and simple to use Trade System GUI plugin, along with a Vaults GUI plugin. Will surely use in the future for any size of the projects we need at hand.

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i’ve worked with several devs in my pixelmon lifetime and so far Aaron has been the best experience, not only is he fair with pricing but hes also quick and professional, dont have a single complain about him and i would highly recommend everyone who might be interested in any plugin and specially pixelmon related plugins since he seems to have no limits on what he can do.

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I really suggest this developer. It’s not always you see a respectable dev that’s not going to uphike their prices and sell you garbage. I was looking for a simple plugin. I asked for 5 simple things. When I got a reply from Aaron, he had mentioned that their was already a solution out their for me that was completely customizable so that if I needed some teams in the future I wouldn’t have to get a dedicated dev everytime.

Normal pricing. Good communication and he gets the job done. What more you want? :smiley:

He finished the showdown system for me, the price is very reasonable, I definitely recommend him :grinning:

Just finished a project for me and it is absolutely incredible. Very reliable and price was reasonable. Definitely would recommend Aaron and will be coming back in the future.

Hello. I hope you are doing alright! It doesnt seem like I can message you, but I’m interested in getting something done if you are still doing them. Please message me on forums, or discord: Adela

Hope you’re still doing comms
OhRoses#0001 or contact me through forums / this website :smiley:

If you’re still taking commissions, I added you on discord which you accepted and sent you a message over there. I am Captain#5329.

is there an easier way to contact you i need something asap