Pixelmon Placeholders Plugin Addons [Completed]


Just a pixelmon owner needing some new placeholders done as quickly as possible to finish up the projects i’ve been working the past week on and need them completed asap.

Work Needed

GitHub - happyzleaf/PixelmonPlaceholders: Pixelmon additions to Sponge's PlaceholderAPI More placeholders for this plugin.

shiny% returns: true/false
#_texturelocation% fix that returns shiny texture if its shiny, mega texture if its mega, and a fix for the textures broken if its under 100 because it doesnt add the zeros (001, 002, 003)
_form% (returns the form the pokemon has)
_customtexture% (https://pixelmonmod.com/wiki/index.php?title=Custom_textures)
_aura% (for randombytes entityparticles EntityParticles - Create some simple particle effects)




Once all the placeholders are done and working merge request must be made to give happy the option to merge them into the original plugin. (I don’t want these to be private. I originally commissioned the plugin in the first place; now i’m wanting to see a bit more added to it so that i can continue my own projects and allow others to benefit from the plugin aswell)


Discord - FrostEffects#9011

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