[Abandoned] 🔑 PermissionManager [v3.0.1] [API 5.X] A simple and easy permission plugin


If you are editing your file manually, you should check if they are correct. Use this http://www.yamllint.com/. If there is a new default group, that means the last one wasn’t registered.


Your plugin is doing something weird. I don’t know why, but something triggers it moving default: true into options. This is what is causing me to lose my default group. Right now I’ve gone through about 8 default groups and I still have 3 of them. All of them have default: true under options (and I never put that there)


Have you deleted a group while the server was up? If yes, you can only do it with the command.


No, I didn’t. I’m making a video to show you what is happening and you can tell me what I’m doing wrong


You can’t full screen so just click the title to go to the youtube page


Bug found and fixed. I will try to upload the fix tonight.


I appreciate it. You really made a great plugin and I love it. I’ve been making servers for 5 years and I’m never had such an easy permission plugin to work with. I do have a suggestion though, if it’s not hard to do. You might consider making the default group an option. It will remove a lot of the confusion and let players change the default group in-game.


Thank you.

You can change the default group in-game. There is a command for it or you can do it via the menu.

It could be a good idea to set it as an option.


IDK if that’s hard, or might really mess stuff up if someone accidently makes two groups default. If not, it seems like something people are commonly confused about.


It is easy to do, but I won’t change it. The options are used by the plugins and if a plugin use the option default, it will probably change the default group.


That’s a good point. Anyways thanks for all the help.


PermissionManager 2.3.1

  • English
    • Fixed a bug with the inheritance.
    • Bulgarian translation added. Thanks to @AdmiralAnimE.
    • Updated Nations rules with the new version of Nations.
  • Français
    • Bug réparé avec l’héritage.
    • Traduction bulgare ajouté. Merci à @AdmiralAnimE.
    • Mise à jour des règles du plugin Nations avec sa nouvelle version.

@prospercraft I’m currently working on the features you want.



do you need nations installed to use it??


No, if you use Nations you will have specials features, but you don’t need Nations installed to use PermissionManager.


Why won’t permission manager doesn’t have a “Groups.yml” file (it only has yml files for each group , for example : “Owner”) is that normal?


Yes, it is normal.


PermissionManager 2.4.0

  • English
    • New command. /pm load groups Load all the groups.
    • New command. /pm users #user Open the menu on a user.
    • New command. /pm groups #group Open the menu on a group.
  • Français
    • Nouvelle commande. /pm load groups Charge tous les groupes.
    • Nouvelle commande. /pm users #user Ouvre le menu sur un joueur.
    • Nouvelle commande. /pm groups #group Ouvre le menu sur un groupe.

@prospercraft The commands you wanted.



interesting, the mod wasnt launching because it said it was required, but it works again , thanks :3


I’ve deop’d myself, removed the wildcard permission but these commands (worldedit) still appear in my /help list. This is the default group by the way. Can’t use these commands but still, difficult to navigate through basic commands for users.

Also how’d you update the plugin? Just replace the jar?


Yes, you only change the jar. For the commands that appear I will check that.