[Abandoned] 🔑 PermissionManager [v3.0.1] [API 5.X] A simple and easy permission plugin


Hi there, I was just wondering if you have gotten any further along with the GriefPrevention fix? I really like the ease of use about this plugin and don’t want to give it up to get this to work :frowning:


I’m currently working on it, but I can’t tell when it will be ready.


Please do let me know if there’s a workaround for it!


May I ask why the plugin creates groups named default-(numbers) upon every restart and changes it to default?


If the server doesn’t have any default group, it will create one with the name default-(numbers)


I set my default group (Trainer) everytime after it does this


How do you set your default group?


Through the menu.
/pm -> Groups -> Default Group: default-numbers and chose Trainer. Then saved it.


Do you have the permission permissionmanager.commands.groups.set.default?


I can confirm that this is also an issue for me. I create a different default group using the In-Game command and then delete the pre-made default group. after a restart it will restore the group and reset the default to that.

If i do not delete the pre=made group and just change the default group, everything will be fine and it will keep the default group that i have set it to


I will check that issue tonight. I will test it like you said @leelawd93.


I’m having the wildcard permission. Do I really need that permission @djxy?


* is the permission to have access to all the permissions.


My point is that since I’m having the * node, I don’t need permissionmanager.commands.groups.set.default
However I’ll run some tests about when default groups are made on their own and let you know. Who knows it might be a bug or some problem from my side


Today I tested and everything was fine. I will test it like @leelawd93 said before.


I tested with PermissionManager 2.4.0 and everything was fine. The server didn’t had any file from PermissionManager.

I did this:

  • Started the server.
  • /pm
  • Created a new group from the menu.
  • Changed the default group to the new one.
  • Stopped the server.
  • Restarted the server.
  • The default group was the good one.

@ChaudBlaze @leelawd93


hi i try to make AdventureMMO rule permission like 30 minning to use minning skill but i cant do it and also i need to add cooldown to use skills here my groups yml i hope you reply me and thanks for everythink :slight_smile:

prefix: ‘&6Köylü’
mining: 20
farming: 15
woodcutting: 30


Can you use pastebin please? I will be easier for me.

Edit: Also, what is the permission you want to add the rule.



you know adventuremmo like using skills i want to people use these skill at 30 lvl and also i want to people use these skills not unlimited like every 5 min you can use


You can restrict the use of à permission with Adventuremmo. You have to find the permission to restrict and follow the example on the wiki. I can also help you, but I won’t search the permissions for you.