ActionBroadcaster [v0.5] for Sponge 5 and 6 - Message broadcasting


This is my first Sponge plugin. I’m complete new to Sponge and Sponge plugin development, so feel free to make suggestion how I can improve the code. I used a lot the Javadoc documentation and of course the Sponge documentation. Although it’s very useful for the basics, some more advanced things (like fields and objects representing the configuration) are missing.


This plugin prints in configurable time message into the action chat slot of the players.


/ab list - Shows all messages in seperate pages
/ab add <message> - Adds a new message to the messages
/ab reload - Reloads the configuration from disk. It will then cancel all running tasks and start new ones
/ab remove <index> - Removes an existing message from the list
/ab broadcast <message/index> - Broadcasts a new specific message or one from the config
/ab - Shows plugin name and version


# Disable the entire broadcast functionality
# Interval in seconds to wait for the next message
# All messages which will be displayed
    "§cExample 1",
    "§cExample 2",
    "§cExample 3",
    "§cExample 4",
    "§cExample 5",
    "§cExample 6",
    "§cExample 7",
    "§cExample 8",
    "§cExample 9",
    "§cExample 10",
    "§cExample 11",
    "§cExample 12",
    "§cExample 13",
    "§cExample 14",
    "§cExample 15",
    "§cExample 16",
    "§cExample 17",
    "§cExample 18",
    "§cExample 19",
    "§cExample 20",
    "§cExample 21",
    "§cExample 22"
# Should the message be selected in random order






Example Broadcast Command

Example List Command

(You can click on the X in order to remove the message directly)


Dude I completely love this, well done!

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Thank you very much.

I uploaded a fix for the message rotating.

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Is this currently working?

Edit: This currently is not working even with recommended sponge versions.

I uploaded a new version. It should work now with 602.

Doesnt work with the latest versions

Are you sure ? I’m using Sponge 646 and works fine.

Im using sponge 655

I tried it with sponge 655. It works for me. Do you get any errors?

Is this still updated to 750?

EDIT: Tested and is not working. Mind doing an update?

Update is out. I fixed also a bug in the reload command.

Great plugin! Hopefully it gets updated soon.

if you use that symbol instead of & you are going to run into encoding issues :wink:

Which error do you get?

Thanks, I didn’t know that.

Is this updated to the Sponge Beta Builds? I love this plugin!

Yes, it is. <avoided 15 character limit>

@games647 it doesn’t work on Sponge 1.8.9-3.1.0 beta 178.
Please update your plugin because it looks like an incredibly useful plugins and i would love to have it on my server.

Update is uploaded. Keep in mind that the plugin has a receive permission. (actionbroadcaster.receive)

Thank you @games647

Is it possible if we can edit its appearance time? Its a bit to fast for some of my players.

Keep up the epic work!