ActiveTime ⏳ The Simple Playtime Logger


Updated ActiveTime to v1.0.2.

  • Fixes activetime.check.other to work as intended
  • Added in-game link to the ActiveTime Wiki
  • Streamlined deserialization of logged times

Issues should be reported with the version: [v1.0.2]

@yepidoodles I’ve seen it, thank you. Keep in consideration that I cannot be expected to fix everything within 24 while keeping multiple plugins updated at the same, especially considering that this bug is not breaking the plugin. Please allow some time for a response and associated update fixing the issue.

@Simon_Flash Sorry, usually people add labels to show they have seen an issue, as there seemed to be no response, I thought I’d post it here to make sure it was seen :slight_smile:

I also didn’t know you had other plugins.

Can you hook into nucleus and output the time if I add your flag to the MOTD.

Updated ActiveTime to v1.0.2.

  • Fixed ActiveTime Top [Issue #1]
  • Added permission checks to documentation
  • Player name successfully saved to config
  • Various message changes for clarity

Issues should be reported with the version: [v1.0.2]

@yepidoodles I’m glad to say that this bug has successfully been laid to rest and shall not be appearing any more. Huzzah! I also made a couple other quick changes in the process, so there’s a bit more than just bug fixes.

@toxxic I’ve been in contact with dualspiral about it, and it’s definitely something that’s doable. Keep an eye out for it in a future update.

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Thanks for the speedy update! I’m a bit obsessed with stats and scoreboards like these, so I’m grateful for this :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to let you know of any more issues which may arise.

After bugfixing like no tomorrow, I’ve implemented the suggestion above by @toxxic into version 1.0.4 of ActiveTime. I’d like to give a huge amount of thanks to @dualspiral for working with me on creating tokens for nucleus and resolving all the issues from class loading that’s delayed this update for so long. I’d say more, but I don’t want to beat it like a dead parrot.

Additionally, I’ve fixed a display error with ActiveTime Top displaying as a whole bunch of numbers. Whoops! On the bright side, just know that the sorting process to build the list has been streamlined significantly. The next update will likely bring ActiveTime up to version 1.1.0 and introduce a series of statistics and metric options to help servers better analyze their data, so keep an eye out in the coming weeks!

I’d like to thank those of you who have been sending suggestions all over the place as I’m basically at the point where I more than I know what to do with. It’s fabulous knowing that people are making use of the plugins I’ve taken so much time and effort to make, so it means a lot to me!

Issues should be reported with the version [1.0.4]


Hi! Does this plugin support 1.11.2?

ActiveTime is built on API-5 (mc1.10.2), but nothing within it should be affected by an update - API-6 should work just fine.

I will, however, be looking into updating many of my plugins to newer API versions now that API-5 is mostly outdated (Rest-In-Pixelmon). You’re more than welcome to join the support discord above for updates on that.

@Simon_Flash Will you be adding in an automatic rank-up system to this plugin? That would make it the ultimate time and rank plugin for sponge :slight_smile:
Thank you and great work thus far !

Development has already commenced on a system to better track statistics for the player as well as Milestones, which I believe is what you’re looking for. After Pixelmon received the C&D, I’ve taken some time away from things to refocus my efforts in more places than just development. It’s something in the works, but for now the best I can say is Soon™.

Hiya all! Two months after the last release (kind of ironic for an activity plugin, right?) I present to you ActiveTime v1.2.0. This version makes some major changes to nearly every aspect of the plugin and adds a lot of new features, such as daily logs and Milestones. Additionally, the entire logging system has been redesigned so nearly all calculations are run async with the server, so that should help out with performance a ton! I’ve still got some other ideas in the works, but with the internal changes I felt it was best to give the new system a go before moving any further. Happy logging!

Update Info:

  • Added daily logging system
  • Added tracking for activetime and afktime (Nucleus required)
  • Added Milestone functionality
  • Nearly all calculations are now async (increased performance)
  • Temporarily removed ActiveTime Top

Issues should be reported with the version [1.2.0]

Note: This version ‘jumps’ over v1.1.0-v1.1.3 as they were privately tested versions. This is not a versioning error.

It’s been a while, but if v1.0.4 didn’t suit your needs for a 1.11.2 build give this one a go!

Take a look at the Milestone system, this should do everything you need!

Special thanks to @FoxFire and Levinsky (who isn’t on Sponge :cry:) for helping test the performance of the new system. Kudos!

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Does this plugin show the active time for months and weeks (how long they have been online in the past month/week) if not can you add that functionality

Not yet, but that’s precisely the reason why I rewrote the storage system to contain daily logs! I’ll be working on a system to do that as well as calculate a variety of other useful statistics shortly.

Awesome! I cant wait till you can get that added! How long do you think it would take?


But in all seriousness, perhaps a week or so? I’m working on an advanced command and API system for CmdControl, so after I get that done I’ll likely shift back over to ActiveTime.

Awesome. Thanks a ton

:confetti_ball: Yay! New releases!