Add some obvious anti cheat into Sponge

I know that some anti cheat features belong to plugins but I believe that Sponge should (as Spigot and Minecraft Vanilla did) implement some obvious anti cheat features.

This are related but not limited to:
Anti fly (as Minecraft Vanilla does kicking the user that is flying for more than x seconds)
Anti fastplace (as Spigot implemented once, limiting the number of blockplace packets per x seconds)
Anti fastbreak (as Spigot implemented once, limiting the number of blockbreak packets per x seconds)
Anti xray (Integrated into the server .jar improves performance (as Spigot does)).
Some anti dupe fixes (If a duplication bug appears, Sponge should be fast pached like Bukkit did one time).

I am not suggesting to implement a NoCheatPlus like plugin into Sponge, just the basic and easy checks like the ones I listed here.

Thanks for your time.


Ya I’m against this, leave this up to server owners sponge shouldn’t try and handle anti-cheat because updating it will become a burden and we’ve already seen the community is more than willing to do this as a plugin.


Sponge should only provide the api:

Anti-Xray is nearly impossible to do. You can sure as heck limit it… but not by too much.

I personally agree with @Iroh and @Garrison because I have known servers that randomly kicked players when they are just glitching. If they include anti-cheat then what is stopping them from adding things like economy, permissions, etc. like @IDragonfire said. If they add these things I feel it could be taking away from the survival aspect that some server owners want.

wouldnt it be easier to just get the owner of ncp to port their plugin later?

theres no point having these checks if everyone gets ncp (or similar)