All JetBrains products are free for students!

Just wanted to let everyone out there know that JetBrains is offering all of their products, for free to students. You only need an EDU email or a valid ISIC card(not sure what that is but they accept it…). Here is the link:


Pretty neat, although I don’t have a ISIC card on me, or a .edu e-mail. ISIC stands for International Student Identification Card.

Appreciate it! I don’t think I’ve used the other JetBrains programs except IntelliJ, but I guess I can explore that a bit now when I have time XP

My school doesn’t provide ether a .edu email or an ISIC card, I’ll be talking to Student Services about that >:(

Seems to work well enough. Looks like educational use licenses expire in a year from registration, which I guess is a plenty long time, and can probably be re-registered after that if you’re still in school.

Are you in a highschool or college? Most highschools do not have .edu, if any lol.

Yea, I am guessing they do that so people dont just keep it forever or something… Your email just has to be valid for you to click their little link thing.

Highschool, but our website had a domain name, but they expect us to have gmail, using the naming convention they decided. That’s why I’m tebbenjo.

Interesting, wish my highschool used a .edu >.< Could have gotta amazon prime SOO much sooner lol. Yea, hopefully they get you guys set up with those emails sometime soon. The only real reason you would need to use the paid version of jetbrains is if you are doing some REALLY high end stuff though, I forget what features it has exactly, but plugin dev shouldn’t require much.

OOH! But I don’t have an .edu address… I could just get my older brother who has an edu address to do this though. o_o

That would work :stuck_out_tongue:

Yah, it’s realty stupid, they (and I quot our systems admin) “don’t want to deal with hosting emails or doing tech support when free alternatives exist.” But they seam to administrate our website, and a sub domain for each teacher, just fine. I visited this topic in Gr 11, but this has prompted me to revisit it, perhaps with more force, if they’d give me access to the domain I’d host the email server myself on an old pc, but no one trusts a gr 12 student. If I could I’d be using Clion for my personal projects instead of Code::Blocks

What may be worth bringing up instead is a mail forwarding system. Maybe they’d be more inclined to give student .edu addresses and just forward any emails to a personal account.

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I would not give you access to the domain either, or the potential possibility of viewing and storing e-mail meant for teachers or other students. They could host their own fairly easy though, and hosting your own e-mail is a free alternative…

The school definitely has a point. I don’t think they’d be inclined to set up a full-fledged mail system just to allow students educational discounts. And allowing a student to host the mail system would likely cause legal issues XD

Cool, my uni email address was immediately accepted :3 Free goodies!

Got it immediately with my unused community college email.

oh cool. I honestly don’t know what this is, but I’m gonna check it out… My highschool does actually provide a .edu email so I don’t see why not. I have been wanting to learn to code for a while now :smile:

So they expect you to register your own GMail? You should push them to try and register for Google Apps for Edu, Then they don’t have to be ‘hassled’ with hosting their own Email Service, AFAIK they can use their and they don’t have to expect every student to register their own GMail.

Thanks, I’ll talk to the systems admin about that, yah it’s stupid, and then some people’s addresses are taken already causing great confusion. If the school could use their own domain but still use gmail that would make a lot of things easier, we could have education email addresses and the school would not need to admin the email server, and because it would be our own domain so common names like [email protected] (John.Smith) would not be taken. Plus if it benefits everyone (including her) the systems admin would be less likely to brush me off as that annoying tech buff.

Thank you mutchly @Hitakashi

One question, do you still log in using the gmail interface, and can you migrate people, because my year have been using these addresses since Gr 5, so it’d be a pain to switch and have 2 accounts?