Almura 3.0 - Resurrected - Release 1 Now Open!


Almura 3.0 - Resurrected.

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Almura is a user experience that was originally started back in 2011. Almura 3.0 - Resurrected is a re-written from the ground up client / server based experience backed by the SpongeForge eco system both server and client side. Almura 3.0 is a continuation of the 2.5 - Origins project: Almura 2.5 - Origins

Our in-game Stores system:

Some of the features that exist within Almura 3.0:

  • Custom client-side content loader system designed around SpongeForge
  • State of the Art Skills progression system
  • In-Game GUI based player Exchange system
  • In-Game GUI based Stores system
  • 65 New crops, 8 new Trees and 10 Fruit Trees
  • Thousands of new blocks, planks, stairs, slabs, signs, decorations etc.
  • Several hundred new and unique food & drink items with special effects and abilities.
  • New Player User Interface, entity healthbars & notification system
  • TerrainControl enabled client to show special features such as biome colors, temperatures and weather
  • 10 + BiomeBundle, TerrainControl created dynamic worlds
  • New nicknames and player tab lists
  • Re-designed Cache storage systems
  • Editable player signs feature

Our in-game guide system:

The re-write of our project has been in the works for almost 2 years.

We launched Almura 3.0 - Resurrected Release 1 on 2/18/2019

Our in-game player Exchange system:

We are currently utilizing the following mods in addition to the features we add via our own codebase:

  • Bibliocraft, Buildcraft, Cooking for Blockheads, CustomNPC’s, MoCreatures, Dynmap + Dynmap Grief Prevention, FunitureMod, IC2, InventoryTweaks, IronBackpacks, IronChecks, JEI, MalisisCore & Doors, Paydirt Wash Plant, Railcraft, SGCraft, TinkersConstruct, TerrainControl & World Edit.

We are currently utilizing the following Sponge Plugins:

  • EconomyLite, GriefPrevention, LuckyPerms, Nucleus & UltimateChat.

Most of our projects can be found here:

PM us in Discord here: to receive an invite to the dev server.

Almura 3.0 - Resurrected is a proud project of Almura Development Studios. Development Team:

Be Aware: being developers of Sponge and several other related projects we are typically on bleeding builds of both Forge, SpongeForge and other modified version of mods we use on this server. Please report bugs directly in our discord server or put them on our Github, please don’t waste other developers time by posting bug reports to their respective issue trackers.


glad to see a server of sponge owner!


ooo I can’t wait for the release!


Almura 3.0 - Resurrected Release 1 is Now Open!

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