Alternative Blocks used in Sponge Plugins

Ok so this is an idea that builds on this old idea here which mentioned an impossible idea. I thought abput it and wanted to bring this up to make something like this more possible.

1.8 added alternative block textures. I would like to see this for RPG plugins like an old plugin Sponge Energy You could allow plugins to use an alternative block modules to like in Sponge Energy create machines that can use a certain block module from a resourcepack that can be the server resourcepack to create a custom texture for these machines that is only available when that block is used as the machine.

I wanted to improve on my old idea to make it more possible.

afaik it needs a clientside mod sorry

What exactly do you mean by this? Yes you can create block models - but not necessarily apply them whenever you feel like it.

I didn’t know. I thought it could be done. Thanks for the feedback

I think he was referring to the ‘Alternate block models’ setting, where existing client-side block models are randomly rotated on the client.

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