AntiSwear v1.3.7


This plugin allows you to deal with out of control profanity some servers are plagued with. Keep the language under control by censoring it and punishing those repeat offenders if you so choose. This will effect all players by default, but can be bypassed with a simple permission node(See permissions below).

:gift: Donations

Creating plugins for Sponge takes time and effort. If you enjoy the hard work I’ve put into to this please feel free to get my a cup of coffee. It is much appreciated.


:package: Features

  • Censor the words you choose based off config list.
  • Monitors number of times player curses.
  • Kick players for cursing.
  • Temporarily ban players for cursing. (Currently Bugged)
  • Permanently ban players for cursing.
  • Replace message when player curses
  • Run configurable command when player curses

:open_file_folder: Downloads

Release: Download Here

:wrench: Commands

  • /antiswear add
  • /antiswear remove
  • /antiswear ban
  • /antiswear tempban
  • /antiswear replace
  • /antiswear command
  • /antiswear kick

:hammer: Permissions

  • antiswear.ignore
  • antiswear.cmd.antiswear
  • antiswear.cmd.antiswear.add
  • antiswear.cmd.antiswear.remove
  • antiswear.cmd.antiswear.ban
  • antiswear.cmd.antiswear.tempban
  • antiswear.cmd.antiswear.replace
  • antiswear.cmd.antiswear.command
  • antiswear.cmd.antiswear.kick
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I still got this “nice” list of swear words. You can bundle it with your plugin :wink:

Nice idea, could you make it so that it replaces the words with premade words or sentences, set by the user? For example, instead of using a nasty word it would say “I like flowers.” or “I use my sister’s deodorant.”


Added in latest version.

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Unless they have a dynamic IP Like me. A simple modem reboot gives me a new public IP.

I’m having a problem with people saying grass and people getting strikes because of the plugin thinking they are saying a**. Any help?

Could this be fixed? Its believable that this will cause problems because of people saying ordinary words and getting strikes and banned.

We’re having the same issue on the soon-to-be SoSVIII server, which could become a problem. Some sort of negation of common English words like grass, assume etc. would be very good to have :slight_smile:

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Oh crap…that’s a problem. I probably won’t get a chance to fix this until after the holidays but it’s on my radar.


I suggest just checking to see if the words in question are surrounded by other letters.

The fact is, there isn’t a good way to make a swear filter that gets everything without flagging words that are otherwise okay.

I would suggest having two categories of words. Some of them should be auto strikes.

Others should simply notify admins.

The server I ran was relatively small, so I never had to go to that extreme, but can understand the need. I did have a zero tolerance policy. A few players got left in a bedrock box with silverfish spawners and no inventory forever dying and respawning. They usually wouldn’t return and would take their trouble making friends with them.

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Latest changes should cause fewer false positives.

Can you add a command to enable/disable kick and ban options from in game?

I’m planning on it. Just haven’t gotten around to it yet

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you should make all your permissions lowercase.

Best practice?



Do you plan to support regexp?

You mean like added a regex entry in the config list?

Support regexp in the section Words. It would be very helpful.

From what I can tell regex already does work, however the character replacement doesn’t work correctly due to the off character count between the word typed in chat and the word in the list. I’ll see about fixing that.

It would be -amazing- if you could have replacement messages for individual swears!