AntiSwear v1.3.7

Could you add the ability to fire off a command when a swear word is used?

Ex. /givemoney -100 which takes away 100 Pokedollars from the player for swearing

Sounds pretty useful. I can do that.

Thanks, mate. Much appreciated.

Is there any chance of this being updated to 5.0.0+ or is there an alternative that I could use? Running a strict family-friendly server and Anti-swear only works intermittently for me.

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Unfortunately I’ve abandoned this project to pursue other projects. Others are welcome to continue development if interested.

Can you make this for api7?

I changed to this plugin since this one has been abandoned… DTPunishment - A Unique Punishment Plugin - API 5/7

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I got this error:
[11:34:54] [Server thread/ERROR] [Sponge]: Skipping plugin with invalid plugin ID ‘’. Plugin IDs should be lowercase, and only contain characters from a-z, dashes or underscores, start with a lowercase letter, and not exceed 64 characters.

Long abandoned. Please lock this