Any Plugins?

Are there any plugins that can be used as of now?

Yes there are some official example plugins in the cookbook repo located here. I’m sure other people have some examples too.

People have sources of the plugins I saw. Is there a way to compile them?
Like Pore if it still can allow bukkit plugins to work

Mine works! :blush: CraftIRC - An IRC-minecraft relay plugin [API 5.0.0]

Ok cool. Are you able to help me compile plugins. I need help :confused:

To compile my example plugin:

  1. Download the source zip and extract it: GitHub - boformer/SimpleMail: Simple Sponge Mail Plugin for educational use
  2. Open a cmd window in the root folder of the project
  3. Enter gradlew build
  4. You will find the compiled jar file in …/build/libs

Keep getting this @boformer
Execution failed for task ‘:SpongeAPI:compileJava’.

My Warps plugin works moderately well (admittedly, there are some bugs)

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More information needed, like what the actual error message is. Post a pastebin of the log.

Mine works too :smiley: . Its a custom chat plugin via config.

Btw, is this a spam post? :stuck_out_tongue: