Anyone having issues with emoji lately?

I’m not sure why but I’ve been searching the forums today and seeing a lot of broken emoji emoticons for some reason, when you try to use a broken one a post you can’t either. Is this an issue with the forums or something else?

I’m not having any problems.


This is the issue I’m seeing. Both broken emoticons are trollface emoticons.

Have you tried multiple devices?

Tried my iPod, yes it’s still broken.

Generally everything @BitByte types is broken. I blame him. Also, the trollface emjoi is gone?!

3 Likes returns a 404 as well as
Don’t bother going to it’s forbidden 403

What do you think is going on with it?

IDK, I think somehow the pictures were deleted /disabled.


Bright side is that not all of them are Broken

Well yeah, but hopefully this gets fixed soon. :confused:

Sometimes I get a word without colons like, smile where I feel an emoticon should be. Don’t exactly know if this is directly related, but it’s something I got.

wait hold up @DarkArcana there, he can fix it. ALL praise The all mighty @DarkArcana!!!


@DarkArcana likes the post, leaves…


Emoji’s are overrated ;-}

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The almighty @DarkArcana is probably working on a fix/talking with someone who can fix it.

I can’t help but :smile: whenever I read your guys’ posts, :stuck_out_tongue: And @TBotV63 , everything @BitByte says usually IS broken, :trollface:

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But @octoshrimpy that statement is totally fal- al- al- al- @BitByte.exe has stopped working.

well, they removed the plugin for now, I bet they are going to reinstall it or something later on. :ok: