[API 4.1.0/5.0.0/6.0.0] 🏠 HomeSweetHome - An Advanced home plugin


HomeSweetHome is an advanced and customizable homes plugin. HomeSweetHome requires KatLib.




  • Customizable home limit for each player
  • Permissions to manage exactly what players can do
  • Invite players to other homes
  • Permanent invites in the form of residents for a home


Normal home commands

These commands are what most players will use when using homes

  • /home [home] Teleport to a home you have created, or if no home is supplied, shows the home interface
  • /home set <home> Set a new home
  • /home remove <home> Remove an already existing home
  • /home list Check your homes
  • /homes Same as /home list
  • /home limit Check how many homes you can have
  • /home invite <player> <home> Invite another player to your home
  • /home goto <user> <home>Go to another user’s home where you are allowed to go (you have been invited, or you are a resident). If you are not allowed to go to that home, instead sends a request
  • /home accept <player> Accept a home request from another player

Residents commands

Use these commands to manage the residents of a home. A resident is another player that is permanently allowed to teleort to your home.

  • /home residents [home] Check the current residents of this home, or if no home is supplied shows all residents for all homes
  • /home residents add <player> <home> Add a new resident to this home
  • /home residents remove <player> <home> Remove a resident from a home
  • /home residents limit Check home many residents you can have for homes

Other commands

HomeSweetHome also gives admins/mods additional commands to manage the homes of other players. You can do almost everything you can do for the normal commands with the other commands too.

  • /home other <user> [home] Teleport to another user’s home, or if no player is supplied, shows all homes
  • /home other set <user> <home> Set a home for another user
  • /home other remove <user> <home> Remove a home for another user
  • /home other list <user> List the homes of another user
  • /home other limit <user> Check another user’s home limit
  • /home other invite <user> <player> <home> Invite a player to another user’s home. Your name will be shown in the invite

Other residents commands

You can also manage the residents of other homes

  • /home other residents <user> [home] Shows the current residents of this home for this user, or if no home is supplied, shows all residents for all homes.
  • /home other residents add <user> <player> <home> Adds a player as a resident to the home of another user
  • /home other residents remove <user> <player> <home> Remove a player from the residents of another user’s home
  • /home other residents limit <user> Check how many residents another user can have for each home

Misc commands

Some other commands that don’t deal with homes directly

  • /homeSweetHome Shows information about HomeSweetHome
  • /homeSweetHome help [command with subcommand] Shows help for HomeSweetHome commands, also works with subcommands like /home set


Normal permissions

  • homesweethome.home.tp Allows a player to use /home
  • homesweethome.home.set Allows a player to use /home set
  • homesweethome.home.remove Allows a player to use /home remove
  • homesweethome.home.list Allows a player to use /home list
  • homesweethome.home.limit Allows a player to use /home limit
  • homesweethome.home.invite Allows a player to use /home invite
  • homesweethome.home.goto Allows a player to use /home goto
  • homesweethome.home.accept Allows a player to use /home accept

Residents permissions

  • homesweethome.home.residents.list Allows a player to use /home residents
  • homesweethome.home.residents.add Allows a player to use /home residents add
  • homesweethome.home.residents.remove Allows a player to use /home residents remove
  • homesweethome.home.residents.limit Allows a player to use /home residents limit

Other permissions

  • homesweethome.homeother.tp Allows a player to use /home other
  • homesweethome.homeother.set Allows a player to use /home other set
  • homesweethome.homeother.remove Allows a player to use /home other remove
  • homesweethome.homeother.list Allows a player to use /home other list
  • homesweethome.homeother.limit Allows a player to use /home other limit
  • homesweethome.homeother.invite Allows a player to use /home other invite

Other residents permissions

  • homesweethome.homeother.residents.list Allows a player to use /home other residents
  • homesweethome.homeother.residents.add Allows a player to use /home other residents add
  • homesweethome.homeother.residents.remove Allows a player to use /home other residents remove
  • homesweethome.homeother.residents.limit Allows a player to use /home other residents limit


To set how many homes and residents a player can have you can use these permission options. These are permission options, not normal nodes!

  • homesweethome.homelimit The amount of homes a player can have

  • homesweethome.residentslimit The amount of residents a player can have for a home

  • Using LuckPermissions you would use them like this /lp user/group <user|group> meta set homesweethome.homelimit <home limit>.

  • Using PEX it would be /pex user/group <user|group> option homesweethome.homelimit <home limit>


so this plugin makes claims? or adds sethome commands?

It adds sethome commands and similar.

hmm actually really usefull… :slight_smile:

Nice work separating out the admin commands from the default commands, all too often when I used to admin servers did I get annoyed, because I didn’t realise I was accidentally in bypass mode, or teleporting places I had been denied when I was playing as a regular user.

Having it separated like this helps to play fair.

I freaking love this plugin!!! It’s so Amazing!!

HomeSweetHome 2.0.0

  • Now officially works with 6.0.0
  • Now uses KatLib 2.0.0
  • Rework of some internals
  • Lot’s of buttons all over to make it easier to use


I can’t seem to get the permission home limits to work, can you give me an example of the permission needed?

If you’re talking about homeSweetHome.homeLimit it’s not a permission node, it’s a permission option, similar to prefix and suffix.

  • Using LuckPermissions you would use it like this /lp user/group <user|group> meta set homeSweetHome.homeLimit <home limit>.
  • Using PEX it would be /pex user/group <user|group> option homeSweetHome.homeLimit <home limit>

Thanks, this is my first sponge server, so it’s all new stuff, haha.

I’m having an issue with the home saves, when 2 people make homes of the same name, they seem to overwrite each other.


Also it appears when people use the /home remove command it says they don’t have permission which they have the node added.

Any help would be great, thanks :slight_smile:, and I apologise for my noobiness.

  • Alice

EDIT: I tried to add the new home limit and it set it but it won’t let me set anymore homes.

Fixed in a newer version. I’ve moved the downloads to ore.

Would you be able to upload said newer version?

The new version is already on ore. The download link will take you there.

As for remove permission thing, yeah I see the problem. Never really managed to decide between delete and remove. It’s supposed to be remove, but couldurrentlh it’s delete. I’ll fix it in the next release.

As for the limit thing, no idea there at the moment. I managed to see that the resident limit is broken on some of the versions, but not homes. I’ll take a closer look tomorrow.

Ah sorry, I just looked at the date (As I always do with mods when I look for new versions, it’s quicker than checking every individual version).

Thanks for looking into my issues, I appricate it. In case you were interested you can find my servers at http://dragontechmc.com

Much love,

  • Alice

EDIT: Would you rather I post any further issues on Github?

So looked over stuff. As said the remove/delete problem is real, and I’ll release a fix for it later today hopefully. As for the limit problem (aside from residents), turns out that PEX is case sensitive to options (it shouldn’t be AFAIK). In the meantime use homesweethome.homelimit and homesweethome.residentlimit (all lowercase).

As for issues, if you find any more, sure.

Sorry for dumb question,
when i added permission node
this command did not work.
either homeSweetHome.home.set too.
i’m using PermissionManager now.

Have you made sure that the plugin started up successfully? What happens if you use homesweethome.home instead for example? Does it show unknown command, or that you don’t have enough permissions?

Actually, when i didn’t use capital character, it worked out!

Hey Katrix,

Just thought I’d pop by and say what a wonderful job you’ve done with this plugin, since the last issue was fixed a month ago we’ve been running smooth with absolutely no issues, definitely worth using this plugin over any essentials plugin’s default homes.

DragonTechMC thanks you.

  • Alice

P.S. You may want to remove the caps from the permissions on your main post, Permissions Manager doesn’t like caps :stuck_out_tongue:
P.P.S. Thought you could do with a bump in the plugins list!

HomeSweetHome 2.1.0

  • /home without any arguments now routes to /home list
  • /home homes is now replaces with /homes
  • The home argument for /home residents is now optipnal. If not supplied, it will instead show more genral information for all homes.
  • /home residents can now be written as /home res
  • Fixed residents interface now showing if there aren’t already any residents