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Hey quick question is there a way to add the skeleton horse’s to the config to get rid of them? in the config I added,
“minecraft:Skeleton Horse: 26”
but it doesn’t seem to help, any help on this matter would be greatly appreciative.


In 1.11 different horselike creature types have different IDs, such as skeleton_horse or mule. However, in 1.10, they’re all EntityHorse with different NBT.


So how would I add it into the ClearMob config?


You’d ask the developer to add a feature to specify specific NBT.


where do i find the permissions for this? as i am using a permissions plugin and do not know the node to use.


pex debug if you use it. In debug mode, unable to learn the necessary permits.


i use luck perms


There is also a debug mode.


Interesting… I’m not sure how I forgot to add those to the wiki… Ill update it today or tomorrow with the appropriate permissions.




Good news! Turns out tonight is crappy code cleanup night… I’ve changed a few things that would be performance patches for large servers (Probably not exactly noticeable)… Within the week I will probably push a new version with all of these updates as well as maybe a new feature or two, such as maybe some changes to a command or two

/clearmob info, for instance, is getting updated so it can get the proper ID’s from held blocks, or even allows you to print a list of all entities in a defined range.


Also, any further input on restoring the colour code implementation?


Also also - you said /clearmob info is getting updated. As things stand it isn’t recognized as a command.

Is that the purpose of the update - to allow functionality - or am I missing something? :confused:


If /clearmob info isn’t in the released version, I probably added it to a private version for Devco Servers and forgot I didn’t release that version :stuck_out_tongue:


1.3.0 has been released. All sorts of shiny candies.


Extra <3 for the return of colour :slight_smile:
And your download link for 1.3.0 is incorrect.

For those who can’t work it out, you can grab it here


Working link
All releases


Version 1.3.1 is out… I messed up a bit in a new feature added in 1.3.0 and clearmob wasn’t running the clear at all. Fixed in this version.


source code is there but no 1.3.1.jar


Fixed. Thanks for the heads up.


Version 1.3.2 Available on Ore

  • New Command, clearmob unloadchunks - Unloads unnecessary chunks.
  • New Message for when Entities are cleared (Customizable)
  • Code Cleanup